“A sea of whiskey couldn't intoxicate me as much as a drop of you.”


I've been a photographer since 2012. I bought my first camera as a kit from Sam's Club, and started devouring online articles and YouTube videos. I would practice what I had learned on my daughters and study some more. Soon I became confident enough to advertise myself on Facebook. Fast forward to now, I've gone from shooting families, seniors, events, and weddings, to exclusively shooting engagements and weddings. 

   It took me a while to find my identity in this industry. I struggled with being a man in what I perceived to be a majority female owned business. All the photographers I admired were female, including my now wife Shellie. She was one of the few people that took some time to respond to my reaching out. Her advice and eventual friendship were invaluable to my growth as a photographer. Life can be unpredictable as we all know, proof of that is our friendship eventually led to more. Shellie and I married in 2020 and we've been enjoying working together as well as independently. Still studying, talking shop, scouting locations, and day dreaming...together.

   I chose weddings and engagements as my forte because there is nothing better than new love. During an engagement session I learn so much about a couple. The shows they like, where they travel, how they like to unwind. I take all of that and try to capture it. The little smile after a kiss, the way her eyes light up, the way his hand rests on her waist. 

      I shoot almost exclusively with my Canon 50mm 1.2. I love getting bokeh in the back and or foreground. Pulling back and shooting the way your eye sees things. In the last couple of years I've learned to love shooting in low light. Sometimes getting the glow of a neon beer sign at the couples favorite bar gives better hair light than a sunset, because that situation fits the couple best. It's made me a better prepared photographer because as we all know no matter how well you plan, unexpected hiccups can happen on your wedding day. We all hope that it's sunny and 70 when you plan the wedding 1-2 years out, but when the day comes and it's raining or just not as planned I can still find beautiful light that's all around us. So many of my clients have become my friends over the years, and I hope that I get that opportunity with you!

chillicothe, il