It's your wedding day...

There are tons of options, styles, and flair that goes into your wedding. You will put so much work and thought into each detail. The decor, the music, the people attending and where they will sit. All of these decisions you'll consider are worth capturing. There is so much more to a wedding than a first kiss, bouquet toss, and reception. This day is an investment, and the smallest detail is important.

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.””

Getting Ready

All the pre-wedding jitters. Laughter, tears, reminiscing about old times and dreaming about what's to come. When you hire both Shellie and I you get in depth coverage of these moments. We can each spend the majority of the pre-ceremony time with you, but if it's only me don't worry. Im energetic, manage my time well, and know when it's ok to break away and go cover something else.

First Look

Wether you decide to have a first look, or wait for it to happen at the altar. We can capture all the emotions of the first moment you see each other.